Our market is focused on agricultural products that our vendors grow, gather, or produce themselves.


Wiscasset Farmers' Market 2021 Vendors

We have a large variety of Maine grown and produced food.

Our food brand ALCHIMIA provides an authentic and healthy Italian experience.
The products are made with high quality ingredients.
ALCHIMIA produces excellent artisan food for discerning gourmets to enjoy at home.

Gluten Free Baked Goodies and More!

Hand crafting our coffee starts with coffee farmers in the mountains of Africa, the Americas, and Asia. These farmers, working at altitudes of 5,000 feet or more, tend small plots of arabica coffee trees in a sustainable way. They care for the ecosystem in which they work and they care for the people that grow and harvest their coffee. Their coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic as evidence of this. Each lot of coffee that we roast is traceable to its Organic certification at origin. We carefully roast these green coffee beans to bring out the best flavor profile, using a small gas-fired roaster run by Dan, our artisan roaster.

Our goat milk products are made right here on the farm. Beginning with caring for our goats and milking them by hand all the way down to the final product. We use only high quality ingredients in our small batch soaps and lotions and carry options for even the most sensitive skin.

At Dogpatch Farm we raise Mulefoot pigs humanely in the woods & fields without the use of growth hormones or routine antibiotics. It's good for them, good for you and good for our environment.

We pasture raise Cornish Crosses chickens during the spring and summer, (GMO free feed).

Frontier Maple Sugarworks makes MOFGA certified organic maple syrup in Sandy Bay Township, Maine, just shy of the Canadian border. As enthusiasts of all-things-maple, we aspire to make the most vibrant, place-specific product we can.  We proudly keep each batch small and separate, highlighting the subtle, seasonal variation unique to this traditional sugar source. We never blend our syrup, we never buy from other producers, and, because we believe in sustainability in both forestry practices and consumer choices, we use only eco-packaging.

Our meats are done the old fashioned way. Some of our handcrafted products take 3 weeks from start to finish. Everything is smoked anywhere from 2-14 hours depending on the meat. Have a look at our online shop or visit our restaurant to try these delicious meats.

Pepper jellies made with fresh, simple and locally sourced ingredients.

These pepper jellies are made, jarred, and labeled in small batches out of the owner's kitchen in Wayne, Maine. Fresh, simple, and locally bought and grown ingredients are used when they are available. When the harvest is ripe peppers out of our own family garden are used.

Fresh and aged cow's milk cheeses made in Waldoboro, Maine.

In 2016, Downeast Magazine named Lankin's Gorge Cheese & East Forty Farm the Editor’s Choice for Best Cheesemaker. In 2019, Yankee Magazine named her Rockweed cheese one of the 10 Best Foods in New England. 

MAIZ Colombian Street Food Truck. Our menu is small with each item being made in house, by hand , con mucho amor. MAÍZ, like the team behind it, is the perfect blend of our love for the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the rocky coast of Maine. We can’t wait to cook for you.

Nita's Baked Goods

A large variety of baked goods.

Pachamama Farm

A variety of specialty fruit and vegetables.

We are a service disabled veteran owned farm growing lavender, vegetables and berries on our 21 acre farm in Alna Maine, growing all of our produce with sustainable, organic practices. We also have a large variety of jams, honey and lavender products. 

Is a small MOFGA certified vegetable and microgreen farm in Litchfield ME.