Our market is focused on agricultural products that our vendors grow, gather, or produce themselves.


Wiscasset Farmers' Market 2022 Vendors

We have a large variety of Maine grown and produced food.

Seedlings, perennials and fresh cut flowers

A small family owned and operated garden center we raise annuals perennials as well as veggie seedlings and as the season goes on we carry fresh veggies a very nice selection of herbs and a nice selection of cut flowers as they become ready.


Hand crafting our coffee starts with coffee farmers in the mountains of Africa, the Americas, and Asia. These farmers, working at altitudes of 5,000 feet or more, tend small plots of arabica coffee trees in a sustainable way. They care for the ecosystem in which they work and they care for the people that grow and harvest their coffee. Their coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic as evidence of this. Each lot of coffee that we roast is traceable to its Organic certification at origin. We carefully roast these green coffee beans to bring out the best flavor profile, using a small gas-fired roaster run by Dan, our artisan roaster.

Cheese and soaps

Our goat milk products are made right here on the farm. Beginning with caring for our goats and milking them by hand all the way down to the final product. We use only high quality ingredients in our small batch soaps and lotions and carry options for even the most sensitive skin.

Farmer One Love


Local-Organic-Family Owned Mushroom Farm.  We grow gourmet mushrooms indoors and outdoors.

Pepper Jellies

Pepper jellies made with fresh, simple and locally sourced ingredients.

These pepper jellies are made, jarred, and labeled in small batches out of the owner's kitchen in Wayne, Maine. Fresh, simple, and locally bought and grown ingredients are used when they are available. When the harvest is ripe peppers out of our own family garden are used.

Organic lamb and chicken

Heritage Home Farm is a MOFGA certified Organic family farm in Appleton, ME. We specialize in pasture raised Organic lamb and chickens. We also raise Organic heirloom fruits and vegetables .

Maple Syrup

Marcoux Family Farm is a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned farm. We currently produce wood-fired maple syrup, eggs, and Fresh Thanksgiving turkeys.

With plans to provide pork & beef products on our nearly 200 acre farm in Wiscasset, ME. 

Pachamama Farm

Fruit and vegetables

A variety of specialty fruit and vegetables.

Fruit, vegetables, lavender, honey and jams 

We are a 100% service disabled veteran owned farm growing lavender, vegetables and berries on our 21 acre farm in Alna Maine, growing all of our produce with sustainable, organic practices. We also have a large variety of jams, honey and lavender products. 

Mangalitsa pork, Mangalitsa Pepperoni, Honey Orange Peel Salam, Soppressata, Baked Goods and Honey 

Switchback Farm is a small family farm on the Maine midcoast. We raise all natural Mangalitsa Pigs. We also run a small bee apiary, and breed Hereford cows 

Hard Cider

Tin Top Cider builds lively craft ciders for active and adventurous people

Underground Beets


Underground Beets is a new farm growing a variety of heirloom vegetables!  We would never spray pesticides on our produce.  We focus on keeping the soil healthy by practicing no till techniques and resting the soil.  Even though we are the new kids on the block, we are looking forward to becoming part of the community and strengthening the local economy!  See you at the market!